‘The Malawi we want’ Kunkuyu launches TA’s manifesto


FORMER minister of information in the Joyce Banda administration, Moses Kunkuyu, joined the Malawi Congress Party, MCP in spectacular fashion last Wednesday.

He unveiled a 14-point document that was as colourful in content as in language, to a cheering crowd of mostly young people who packed a local hotel in Blantyre.

Kunkuyu resigned and formed Transformation Alliance, TA, when Banda opted for a self-imposed exile in the west, following the loss of her Peoples Party, PP to Peter Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party, DPP, in the highly controversial 2014 general elections.

Kunkuyu who until yesterday was chairman of the TA, unveiled a 14-point document to the cheering crowd.

He states in the opening message of the document, which is entitled  ‘The Malawi We Want Beyond 2019’ that 54 years after independence, “it is sad to note that we remain in a class of the poorest nations in the world with no signs of graduating from such a class anytime soon”

He blames this on “retrogressive policies and decisions that continue disadvantaging the poor who remain victims of unfulfilled empty promises.”

He offers, among other things, several propositions on how the country can achieve transformational leadership for a transformed Malawi.

Among these are corruption and the youth “that remain cursed due to the never ending unemployment woes.”

Kunkuyu expresses hope that the 2019 tripartite elections will put in power transformative leaders and that the TA will be part of that transformation.

“We believe change must come,” he declares “and time to demand that change is now. Let’s change Malawi for the betterment of all.”

The document also takes a swipe at the DPP led administration. Without directly naming it or its officials, it states: “Weak leadership, that advances selective justice and treats corrupt public officers and political cronies with kid gloves, remains a huge setback to the country’s desire for national progress and development.

“Our international record in the fight against corruption has been far from impressive.

“We are still a country breeding corruption without genuine serious drastic measures employed to considerably reduce or eliminate it wholesale.”

The document, however, cites text from the DPPs 2014 manifesto that “exposes the party’s dishonesty and decayed moral uprightness in treating the people.’’

It says the DPP manifesto “does the complete opposite of what it promised the nation.”

The documents holds up several priority areas, among them health, education, agriculture, land and housing, women development, youth development, foreign policy, media freedom, as well as civil service resurrection that it says need to be addressed and corrected.

“Repeating any of the past mistakes that that have plunged us into this abyss, will completely bury us as a nation.

“Therefore, we as a nation, the youth in particular should never again allow certain acts in history to happen again in our country and never should we allow any leaders that have presided over such a past to rule us again as we look into the future beyond 2019, ” it states.

It’s the kind of message that Kunkuyu and his colleagues in the MCP believe will resonate well with many of the young people who will be voting in the 2019 elections.


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