Malisita; Lack of ECD leads to school drop outs and repetitions

THERE is fear of increased number of street children following revelations that over 50 percent of children in Malawi have a poor life foundation.

The Association of Early Childhood Development in Malawi, AECDM, says the country’s untrained caregivers and poor infrastructure are failing to serve all 4 million under-five children that need the service.

AECDM executive director, Archie Malisita, told The Express that the absence of early childhood development has a negative impact on society including early school dropout and anti-social behavior.

“Outcomes include; high dropout and repetition rates in primary school, poor retention and delayed mental.

“Deprivation of quality care and poor treatment are particularly damaging to young children, with repercussions felt into the adult life,” explained Malista.

As part of addressing the challenge, the ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, has been calling for the private sector to come in and help in rescuing the situation.

So far, AECDM has appealed to the private sector to come in and help curbing the situation by adopting some centers and assist in training caregivers.

Out of 37 thousand caregiver workers in the country, only 17 thousand are well trained which leaves children in the hands of people with no proper skills.

Malawi currently has 11,888 ECD centers across the country with some being run by community based organizations.

Most of the centers however, lack appropriate playing materials for the children.



  1. Yes indeed the private sector need to take a hand in supporting ECD services. We have seen some provate sector assisting political parties who use our children in their campaigns. These children, with what they are practicing in the political parties will grow into dangerous citizens and the same private sector will suffer with the same children. Support the children at the tender age so that they can grow into productive citizens


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