Chipanga now has to ponder his next move

CHESS Player, Chiletso Chipanga is expected back home this afternoon from Cagliari, Italy where the Malawian finished sixth at the 2018 World Amateur Championship.

Chipanga, who left Malawi on 20 April, will arrive through the Chileka International Airport in the commercial city, Blantyre.

He surpassed 39 players to attain his feat in the international competition which attracted 45 national contestants. It was played from 21 to 30 April.

Towards the end of the nine-round, tourney hopes in Malawi were extremely high that Chipanga would achieve a podium finish but they were frustrated by his loss to Bigabylov Zhuban of Kazakstan.

He finished with six points after losing three of his nine matches.

The player, however, made history by becoming the only African to manage a top ten finish in the 26th edition of the annual tournament.

Furthermore, Chipanga was the only one of two Candidate Master, CM, players to reach a top 17 finish.

This year’s competition featured nine FIDE Masters and three Woman FIDE Masters.

It was won by Sigh Arvinder Preet of Indonesia. Columbia’s Garavito Miguel Angel won silver while Gunbayar Myagmarsuren of Mongolia finished third.

Malawi has never won the competition which started in 1924 by the World Chess Federation, FIDE.

Chipanga qualified for the world tournament after winning gold in the African qualifiers of the contest held in neighbouring Zambia.

He is the second Malawian to play at the world championship after Gerald Mphungu in 2014 who finished on position 14.


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