Namadingo- Artists have to be told more on COSOMA

THERE is an enormous increase in the number of youthful musicians who are unearthing their talents.

For example Shammah Vocals, Levitiko, Faith Kayz, K Banton, Waxxy Kay and J Genius are but a few who are becoming big on the local scene of the music industry.

The problem however, is that these artists are not registered with the arm that protects their music.

Artists to fully enjoy the benefit of their music have to register with Copyright Society of Malawi, COSOMA.

Despite this being a positive development, it is assumed that not many of the young artists are registered with the music regulatory arm.

Renowned gospel-artist, Patience Namadingo, alludes this is due to lack of knowledge among the young artists.

In agreement with the Msati Mseke singer, a youthful gospel artist, Shammah Vocals, believes the other problem is because the rights of COSOMA are not seen as beneficial due to its dormancy.

The No Reverse singer furthermore, insists COSOMA does not enforce its piracy laws as it used to do some several years back.

Another Veteran Artist, Lawrence Khwisa, popularly known as Lulu, is of the belief that many young minds are unaware of the existence of COSOMA.

The Mathumela band leader believes COSOMA should and must, from time to time, sensitize people on its laws considering that new artists are blossoming day but without being aware of the board.

To share another view on the same matter, one artist who has spent over 20 years in the industry, JJ Munthali, shares his suffer and how he has strived to enjoy his loyalties despite being registered with COSOMA.

He is greatly convinced that there is little the board is doing that ought to be done.

The board does not prove to the artists the criteria it uses to collect and offer loyalties to artists. In the time that he has been under the Umbrella of COSOMA, he has not received the deserved money.

COSOMA however, has a different view from the artists.

The board’s spokesperson, Rosario Kamanga says it is of great shock to claim that many of the young artists are unregistered. He says COSOMA records indicate a good number of young registered artists.

The enacted arm of the government which aims at promoting and protecting the interests of artists including authors, composers, and sound recording producers was established in 1992.


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