Mutharika: We have the economy fixed

THE State of the National Address that president Peter Mutharika delivered on Friday when he officially opened the 47th session of parliament has attracted from different experts.

In his address Mutharika claimed that his government has improved the country’s economy which according to some Malawians, nothing much has been done on the ground.

“This month, four years ago – we were speaking of a broken economy, stagnated projects and smashed hopes. Today, we have the economy fixed, confidence regained, projects moving, and hope rising,” explained Mutharika.

Reacting to Mutharika’s claims, one of the countries economists, Henry Kachaje, says that it is not true that the conutry’s economy has improved.

“Does president Mutharika stay in the country most of the times? I think, our president was writing the speech while in Scotland where things are better. He is talking of obvious things,” he said.

The Express interviewed several individuals who gave similar views to Kachaje remarks.

Some quarters however, are backing Mutharika saying that his administration has indeed made some positive developments like roads construction and a boom in construction industry.

According to some Malawians who have expressed their views, the DPP led government has managed to stabilise the Kwacha, reduce inflation rate to a single digit among others.

On peace and security Mutharika said that his government has increased the number of police officers and equipped them with modern public order equipment.

“With support from the People’s Republic of China, the Malawi Police Service has received over 100 vehicles to ease mobility challenges. We have a plan to construct police forensic laboratory as a major step in the fight against crime,”


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