Wear warm clothes

SIGNS of a very cold winter are on the rise in Malawi amid a relatively cool, dry winter season from the middle of this month to sometime towards the end of August.

A random health check has also shown that many people have developed conditions attributed to the cold weather which are sore throat and flu.

Since the start of the month of May the country has been experiencing a significant drop in temperatures.

These developments coupled by the cool weather pattern have prompted the government’s department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services to advice people to eat well, wear layers of lightweights, scarfs and hats to stay warm.

Further, people are being advised to stay indoors.

The department has forecast chilly weather conditions characterised by clear skies during the night while some areas in the north are to continue receiving significant amounts of rainfall.

This weather pattern is also expected to cause fog particularly during the night and early morning hours.

The past few nights have been extremely cold and light frosts have been reported in a few areas.

It is a time like this that it becomes very hard to drive on the roads of Malawi due to reduced visibility.

The challenge to sail on Lake Malawi is extremely hard at a time like this one. This is because Mwera winds blow frequently on the lake making a huge challenge to ply on the waters.

This cold winter is likely to be followed by a hot summer which will come before the rainy season, from September to November.



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