Chakwera: No heads are rolling in DPP

LEADER of opposition in parliament, Lazarus Chakwera, has defiantly marked President Peter Mutharika’ s State of the Nation Address as untrue in which the president wasted the  opportunity on “delivering something akin to a state of delusion”.

Chakwera who is a leader of Malawi Congress Party, MCP, told parliamentarians on Monday that Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party, DPP, is a syndrome that is destroying the country with primary symptoms of lying, stealing and torturing.

He was responding to the speech made by the President on Friday during the opening of parliamentary budget session in Lilongwe in which Mutharika said the economy has improved since he came into power in 2014.

“Mr. Speaker Sir, as I stand before you today, our nation is languishing in squalor. Malawi is suffering from a severe and paralysing ailment. There is no Malawian, from the southern valleys of the Shire to the northern banks of the Rukuru, who is not bearing the brunt of the cancer that grows in our midst…

“Let me put it plainly and bluntly: the cancer hindering the transformation of our nation is the Democratic Progressive Party,” explained Chakwera.

The former pastor gave several examples to paint a picture of how DPP has failed to deliver on its manifesto which includes the promise to end blackouts by the year of 2017 yet the country is still experiencing every day blackouts.

“There is a second symptom of life in Malawi under the malady of the DPP. It is the symptom of Stealing from Malawians…

“No heads are rolling in the DPP now, because stealing from Malawians is not a consequential crime in the DPP. Stealing from Malawians is a pastime. It is business as usual. At every turn, the DPP creates easy loopholes that facilitate wanton stealing from Malawians,” continued Chakwera.

Chakwera is one of notable people who have openly called Mutharika’s claims made in his State of the Nation Address as untrue.

Economist, Henry Kachaje pointed out that what the President said is not reflecting on the true Malawi’s economic status.

“Does president Mutharika stay in the country most of the times? I think, our president was writing the speech while in Scotland where things are better,” expressed Kachaje.


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