Nsopi: There is theft in the Parish

NJULI Parish under the Archdiocese of Blantyre says there is rampant theft at the parish and has accused the police in the area of failing to act despite being informed of the incident.

A Parish internal memo signed by Father Alfred Nsope which The Express has seen, explains that thieves have stormed the parish twice within a period of four days.

The latest theft occurred on Tuesday last week.

The thieves have been stealing water pumps from the house of late Father Wester leaving the premises without tap water.

“Dear Reverend Fathers in the Archdiocese of Blantyre. This massage seeks to inform you all that there is rampant theft, burglary and vandalism at Njuli parish,” articulates part of the memo.

Tenants at the affected house are now being forced to go to the near villages to fetch water because the Montfort Fathers who look after the place have given up replacing the stolen pumps.

A similar theft attempt failed at Universal Farming estates next to the parish due to tight security at the place.


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