Mzati lost three of his close relations to Cancer

THE ESCALATION of cancer cases in Malawi has compelled 20-year old Mathews Mizati to develop a mobile app aimed at increasing public awareness on the disease.

Called “Cancer AID” the android application has topics such as types of cancer, its causes, prevention and treatment.

Mizati argues that the app is relevant as it also provides information on lifestyles that may cause cancer such as uncontrolled diet and luck of exercise.

He says “Cancer AID” is unique in such a way that it can be accessed offline as compared to other applications of a similar objective.

The app can also be used on the Google search engine making it easier for users to verify information provided on the platform.

“Cancer AID” is available for free download on Google Play. This will enable users to have access to expert information on cancer 24/7, anywhere and anyhow.

Mizati developed “Cancer AID” after losing to cancer his father, grandmother and a close relative.

He thus doesn’t want other people to lose the lives of their loved ones due to the disease which continues to kill many people in Malawi.

The software developer holds Bachelor of Information Technology from the Blantyre International University, BIU.

“Cancer AID” can be downloaded here:!Ai6nRd3VUZb9vC-imlSuHJbfUEBq


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