Winner of the Best Afro-pop award-Stitch Fray,

THE RECENTLY held Nyasa Music Awards continue to draw public disapproval as a result of disorganisation.

Others aspects of the 2018 NMAs that are at the centre of a heated debate by entertainment fans are poor time management and individual that organisers identified to present some categories.

Signs of an unformed award show begun immerging when proceedings commenced over an hour behind time.

Worse still, official hosts, Somize and Judie were clearly not prepared.

Results of their ill-preparation were more apparent during the opening minutes of the award show.

One renowned Journalist alleged that he was approached by organisers minutes before commencement of the event to suggest a befitting winner for the category of best group.

This puts into disrepute the credibility and authenticity of the event which is in its second year.

Winner of the Best Afro-pop award, Stitch Fray, shares his opinion.

He suggests that the organisers are doing their part in an attempt to develop Malawian talent.

Stitch Fray, however, indicates that there is a desperate need to motivate the artists by giving them cash prizes apart from trophies.

Based in Blantyre, the singer-songwriter stresses that players in the industry are in need of motivation to produce good material.

Atoht Manje was nominated in the category of Best Traditional which went to Innocent Chitimbe.

The Che Patuma hit maker took to social media where he minced no words in expressing his dissatisfaction on the way this year’s Nyasa Awards turned out.

The singer recalled on a similar award show called Entertainers of the Year organized by state controlled MBC.

He claims Entertainers of the Year was far much better in terms of organization than the NMAs.

Manje argues that nominating the Black Missionaries for Best Reggae was a complete misfit.

In his opinion the band should have been nominated for the Best Group award.

He also criticised organisers for nominating in that category performers that use a back track on stage.

Chronic shortfalls in Malawi’s award shows are a common occurrence. Last year’s Urban Music Awards were never spared criticism.

Organisers of the UMPs were widely slammed for inefficiencies in time management.

Such a chronic challenge demands for seriousness in the organisation of award shows in Malawi.


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