Facing his enemies, Tay Grin


TAY GRIN is playing down critics of his work and lifestyle in “Lubwa” a new Afro-dance single released on Monday.

The rapper, whose music and way of life continues to divide music fans across the country, says he not fazed that he is usually the centre of both public and media attention.

In “Lubwa”, Tay Grin suggests that that faultfinders have nothing valuable to say describing their negative comments as trash talk.

Born Limbani Kalilani, the songwriter continues to sing big of his dressing, constant air travels and haircuts.

His stylish haircuts have received a fair amount of negative comments from the general public.

Many of whom usually frequent social media to make their personal disapproval of the musician known to the whole nation.

The 33-year-old also mentions in “Lubwa” that he is not disturbed when critics attribute his success, on and off the stage, to his mother, Jean Kalilani.

His mother is a famous politician in Malawi, Member of Parliament, cabinet minister and senior member of the ruling DPP.

Another contentious issue which he take head on is the wide spread assertion that he is a wack MC.

He also plays down allegations he pays organisers of award shows to decorate him in an attempt to prove critics wrong.

Before its official release, Tay Grin performed “Lubwa” for the first time at the Nyasa Music Awards where he won two awards including the much coveted Male Artist of the Year.

Two days later the song was premiered on state controlled MBC in Joy Nathu’s Made On Monday, before it was made available for free download.


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