The country has a poor financial system


THE JOB market is overwhelmed with the ever-increasing number of young people that are graduating frominstitutions of higher learning almost on daily basis.

Desperate attempts by these young peopleto acquire employmentfrom the government usually bring no results.

In its usual defense the authoritiessay the unemployed youth need to be innovative by venturing into business aside seeking employment.

The question stands, why are many Malawian youth unemployed?

Murray Siyasiyabelieves the reason is because the country has a poor financial system which  in his opinion does not encourage investments.

The Economics lecture at Malawi Institute of Journalism, MIJ, explains thatthe process involved in establishing a business in Malawi is very challenging.

This he says isbecause interest rates are extremely high and conditions attached to loans are very difficult to meet.

He points out that these two barriers prevent many young people from venturing into entrepreneurship. They thus decide to seek employment.

Asked on the right path to economic independencebetween creating job opportunities and investing in business, the Chancellor College graduate strongly believes the country can do better if more investments are made in developing business ventures.


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