Dear Mr. Presidents;

It is with much concern that we write to you to do something about correcting the direction of our country and our own future.

We have out of respect, not singled out anyone of you. We have also written this letter to you collectively, because we are not quite sure who by this time next year, will be leading us.

You have all repeatedly claimed that we are the future leaders of this country, so we are writing to you collectively to please respond to our following concerns.

We would like you to talk to each other instead of resorting to confrontational language over differences of opinion and policies.

We would like you, our respected Presidents, to encourage debate and discussion in your political parties people who might hold different points of view, no matter how confrontational such views much sound.

That, after all, as some of you have told us, is the essence of democracy.

We would like to know why the thugs who behaved in such barbaric fashion at parliament have not been arrested yet. Their behavior was totally unacceptable. It left many of us with the impression that our President is not in charge of the situation and that a puppet master is controlling him with a gang behind the scenes.

We appeal to you, our respected leaders, to stop painting us the young people, to be exhibited in party colours and to be used as dancers and bouncers in beating up your perceived enemies.

As we go nearer to the elections, you would earn our greatest admiration our dear Presidents, if you would initiate inter-party dialogue on issues that would serve and unite us all.

You may not be aware of it, but what is going on is causing much concern and alarm.

Please do not let this situation to deteriorate any further so that it would provide excuse for others to try to correct it with even more drastic measures. Stand up and take charge Mr Presidents.

We deserve the right to education and jobs. There are also meaningful positions that your parties could create for us the youth, instead of painting us in party colours and using us to intimidate and beat up those you disagree with.

What kind of future are you leaving us, the youth, our respected Presidents? There are so many issues of concern we could raise, but the editors of this platform have curtailed the length of this letter.

Can we count on you, our dear Presidents, to take up our appeals with the urgency they deserve?

We look forward to hear from you at your earliest possible opportunity. With our highest respects Your Excellencies,

We remain,

The Youth of Malawi


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