MALAWI’S police officers, with the assistance of the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, are looking at ways of how to respond more effectively to rising sexual attacks against children.

Incidents of sexual attacks, or defilement of children, are on the rise across the country and  causing much concern, according to Acting Inspector General of Police, Rodney Jose.

Speaking at a meeting of senior police officers in Dowa, Jose noted that despite new interventions, defilements of children were on the rise in all districts of Malawi

The meeting which was attended by the high command of the police, focused on new andscientific-based approaches to the problem.

UNICEF’S Chief Child Protection Officer, Afrooz Johnson who attended the meeting, called for a human rights-based and victim-centered approach, with a strong commitment and understanding of these principles at the high levels of the police service.

Many misconceptions persist about sexual offences, she explained,  one of them being that “real” victims would report rape and sexual offences immediately.

“This is a myth, not supported by evidence,” she pointed out. — Mana






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