Sinach will land on 25 May in Malawi

The Nigerian songstress, Sinach, is due to land in Malawi on 25 May where she is expected to perform in Lilongwe and Blantyre.

Sinachi, real name, Osinachi Kalu, is a Nigerian Gospel artist who hails from Ebonyi state.

The Songwriter will perform at CIVO stadium in Lilongwe on 26 May then a day later at Blantyre Sports Club in the southern region.

L6 limited and BIY, the organisers of the event, are optimistic that the show will be rewarding with the way tickets are selling out.

Peter Bodole, one of the organisers believe the show will be unique because of the artists they have chosen.

Bodole has since he promised more gospel shows in the country as he sees that Malawian gospel has suffered quite a lot.

Random chats by The Express with the general public showed that a good number of people are excited with the coming of the multi-award winner.

Sinach, who has written more than 200 songs, will perform alongside Malawi’s gospel artist, Patience Namadingo.

Recently, Benjamin Dube and Faith Mussa announced a collaboration off the stage after performing together in Lilongwe.

Upon Bodole being asked on whether the same will happen, he said that will await agreements from both sides.


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