Gondwe presenting budget on Friday.

MEMBERS of parliament,MPs, have explained that the 2018/2019 budget presented by Minister of Finance,Goodall Gondwe on Friday  is off-target.

In an interview with The Express, Deputy Chairperson of Parliamentary Committee on Budget and Finance, John Chikalimba said that budget would have addressed priorities such as electricity crisis.

Chikalimba who is MP for Zomba Changalume constituency has accused the ruling Democratic Progressive Party,DPP, for pumping in money into areas that are less prioritized.

He added that the budget has allocated 5 billion kwacha for  tree planting activities while university students are lacking financial support.

The Vice Chairperson also expressed concern on the 20 billion Kwacha allocated to buy maize.

He told The Express that the amount would have been pegged at 10 billion Kwacha so that the rest can be used to support needy students in universities.

As a way of curbing the intermittent power cuts in the country, Government through Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining is facilitating the Malawi-Mozambique and Malawi-Zambia inter-connectors.

Feasibility studies for the Malawi-Mozambique interconnector have been completed and the project is expected to reach completion in 2021.

As for the Malawi-Zambia interconnector , the feasibility studies are still underway.




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