Chilima ready to lead DPP-Kaliati.

PEOPLE in Malawi are suggesting that vice President Saulos Chilima is not being sincere by alleging that politicians are spearheading acts of corruption yet he has spent over four years in government.

Most people that The Express, has spoken to are of the strong opinion that Chilima’s sentiments would have been effective if he condemned such acts sometime back.

They propose that corruption and abuse of tax payer’s money are long standing evils in the public sector so much so it’s extremely unrealistic for the vice president to react at this point in time.

Others suggest that it is not surprising that the Vice President has spoken when his relationship with President Peter Mutharika and the governing Democratic Progressive Party, DPP, is tremendously fragile.

His recent sentiments thus can be branded to be a huge sign of frustration and despair.

Analysts have are also questioning the 45-year-old’s motive.
Many are wondering why the Vice-President isn’t using his position to influence change in the way government officials conduct themselves.

In a very passionate speech made on Sunday in Ntchisi district, Chilima hinted that his relationship with the DPP is nearing its end.

He demanded the citizenry to begin condemning corrupt government officials, who he accused of endanger


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