Lilongwe Dairy are producers of leading dairy products in Malawi

MALAWI’S beverage market is experiencing an influx of countless dairy products and fruit juices many of which are imported while a few are locally produced.

In a developing economy like Malawi’s, what comes first for the consumer, experts say, is quality, top satisfaction and value for money.

There is one Malawian owned Company that has won hearts of many consumers for over 16 years, for its quality brands.

Lilongwe Dairy Limited are manufacturers of a mesmerising and most sought after fruit juice on the market, Enjoy.

The manufacturing company based in the capital Lilongwe, opened its doors in 2001. At that time the manufacturer was producing First Choice Long Life and Chambiko Milk.

It was not as easy to join the food manufacturing market back then, as other companies were already into the sector

In 2007, the company diversified. It began producing juices from locally available fruits in a wide range of flavours.

Before long, Enjoy took over the market and continues to be enjoyed by both the young and old.

Beating long standing brands in the liquid refreshments industry was not as easy as one may think.

Enjoy overcame stiff competition and is now distributed across Malawi amid growing demand.

Both the young and old in Malawi have fallen in love with Enjoy fruit flavoured drink. Every school going child wants to enjoy a sip of Enjoy during break time.

Due to demand for quality juice on the market Lilongwe Dairy Ltd diversified its business.

The company rebranded its products and fashioned its flavours to meet the needs of consumers. This is a risky business approach that many investors in Malawi don’t not usually take.

Following the unprecedented rise of Enjoy, a pool of new products by Lilongwe Dairy is now on the market.

They range from Bliss yoghurt to fruit flavoured drinks.

Some products like Yoghurt have been added to the list.

Award Winning Brand

At the 2018 Malawi International Trade Fair, Lilongwe Dairy won the Best Manufacturer Award.

The award, from the Malawi Confederations of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, MCCCI, was presented by President Peter Mutharika.

The gentleman mandated to sell and market Lilongwe Dairy products is Gabriel Phiri.

He attributes the award to dedication, hard work and quality assurance.

Phiri happily says they are a manufacturing company that strives to always satisfy the consumer.

The confident and soft spoken marketer stresses that giving value to the customer is their day to day task.

He further reveals that Lilongwe Dairy is making every strategic move to safeguard its market share.

The most interesting fact is that Lilongwe Dairy products are made from local resources.

The company has since expanded its reach to foreign markets including; neighboring Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Challenges, however, are inevitable.

Phiri discloses that despite the challenges Lilongwe Dairy remains focused amid Malawi’s fragile economy which is experiencing supply problems in the energy sector.

Lilongwe Dairy is sending a clear message through its products, saying, “Catch us if you can.





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