Tikuferanji set

PRODUCERS of Tikuferanji are distributing the weekly drama series directly to viewers through soft copies.

This comes amid the prolonged power-cuts in the country that are making it a huge challenge for viewers to watch the famous series.

Produced by the Adventist Development Relief Agency, ADRA, soft copies of Tikuferanji will be distributed beginning on 1 June for three hours from 9AM.

The producers are asking fans to visit ADRA secretariat in Kabula, Blantyre with their external data drives of not less than 50GB or personal computers with enough space to collect copies of the locally produced drama.

They took to social media where it expressed worry that fans are missing on the television program due to electricity blackouts.

ADRA’s idea is a huge demonstration that the entertainment sector is not spared from the energy challenges that continue stifling economic growth in one of the poorest nations in the world.

It remains very uncertain if viewers will experience change anytime soon if the statement made by finance minister, Goodall Gondwe is anything to go by.

He said, in his presentation of the 2018/19 national budget, that power cuts are likely to be reduced in 2021.



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