Polytechnic Campus - Blantyre

CONTRARY TO the popular belief that the Malawi Polytechnic has not been producing the best of the students, Deloitte Company has hailed its accounting students for being beneficial to the corporate world.

This was said when the Accounting students were celebrating their annual Accountancy day this year.

Peter Kanyatula, Human Resource Manager for Deloitte, has said the company is quite satisfied with the products that the institution has been banking on them.

He has said the accountancy faculty is doing a good job in making sure it is producing graduates who are beneficial to the corporate world.

This has, ironically, come at a time when the academic institution has been discredited by many citing it has not been able to bring brilliant graduates who are ready to bring a change in companies. .

Upon saying that, the auditorium was filled with chanting from the students who, for once, had the corporate world behind their backs.

Deloitte is quite popular to accounting students at the institution for playing a huge role in employing final year students annually.

This year was no exception as Kanyatula promised to incorporate more students in order to trim unemployment levels in the country.

He said employing more final year students is also a way of committing their trust to the faculty.

One biggest challenge that many graduates have come across in Malawi is finding jobs abruptly after graduating.

To address the problem. Bertha Misomali, Director of finance and administration at Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi, ICAM, offered a sigh of relief.

She said her institute will soon introduce a program where undergraduates will be learning professional skills required in the corporate world.

Misomali hinted that this will save employers from providing the graduates with trainings before employment and that they will be directly employed.





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