URBAN artists are almost born every day with others attaining success and others drooping along the way. One artist who looks promising in the Hip Hop arena is Michael-Es, whose bars and lyrical content seem to be soaring high. Jameson Makande (JM) of The Express caught up with Michael-Es (ME) to know more about the artist.

JM: Tell us more about yourself?

ME: My name is Michael Paul Sazuze Jr. I am 21 years old. A Catholic by faith. I reside in Chirimba, Blantyre. I’m the first born in a family of three boys. I grew up living with my grandmother since my mom was still at school. I discovered my passion in music way back and I was fortunate to have that passion pushed afar partly because I was living with my Uncles; Propee, Tricky Beats and Montfort manyozo of Soul Raiders band. These people are well known in the music industry so I learnt a lot from them.

JM: What motivated you to do music?

ME: I was born and raised in the same house with Propee, tricky beats and Montfort manyozo of Soul Raiders band so I saw how big they impacted Malawian music industry and abroad so having their energy around me I was strongly motivated to venture into music with them grooming me.

JM: What challenges are you facing in the music industry, since a lot of people are now venturing in the same direction?

ME: It’s not easy to be recognized in the music industry since a lot of people are doing music and mostly hip-hop but all in all, real recognize real so I don’t give up.

JM: How tough is the industry and what is your motivation

ME: The industry has few successful young artists and people are more willing to follow the old artists of which they already know and not seeking for more, so it’s not easy for any upcoming artist to make it. But that has not downgraded me because I have seen how one can move from a low level to an elevation through artists who used to record their songs at my home studio and now they are well known all around Malawi and even abroad.

JM: What advice can you give to those who are aspiring to venture into music?

ME: To those who want to venture into music, my advice is they need to recognize themselves before going into music to avoid being a copycat of some artist and they need to take it seriously because music can take them places.

JM: What are your musical plans in the next five years?

ME: About my musical plan, I believe there are three things to keep a secret: finance, love life and next move. So just know I have big things coming up for you my fans.

JM: what skills and academic qualifications are needed for one to make a career in music?

ME: Academically, I can’t tell because there are different views depending on what type of music one wants to do but what I can best advice is that experience, hard work and creativity work best together.

JM: What differentiates your music from the rest?

ME: I’m so realistic. I do music in accordance with how I view life and not simply talking about what is trending or doing music just to fit in in something I don’t really know or understand.

JM: Who is your favourite artist?

ME: Barry One

JM: Who is that one artist you would like to work with?

ME: Chris Brown

JM: Who is your favourite music Producer?

ME: Dr. Dre

JM: What song are you listening to currently?

ME: Sober by Martse which I also feature.

JM: What is your favourite dish?

ME: Any fruit juice and chicken wings.

JM: What is your favourite quote?

ME: Life is what u make.


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