Cases of mob justice are on an alarming rise in Malawi

AN ANGRY mob in Chikwawa district has beaten to death a suspected robber who they claim impersonated a police officer.

It is reported that the alleged robber, whose identity is yet to be established, was a resident of Blantyre.

He met his fate in the early hours of Wednesday at Ziwadziwa Village Traditional Authority Maseya in the lower Shire district.

Chikwawa Police spokesperson, Foster Benjamin, had told The Express that the suspect was among several suspected robbers who broke into the house of a cattle farmer, Thauzeni Gambuleni.

They smashed the door using a big stone, got into the house and demanded cash while claiming that they were police officers.

The ‘fake’ police officers demanded money which they said Gambuleni realized from a sale of 30 cattle.

The farmer denied having conducted the alleged business transaction.

Gambuleni’s response, however, didn’t convince the thugs who started beating up the “old man with his wife using metal objects.

This left him unconscious.

The suspected thugs also ransacked Gambuleni’s house and stole cash amounting to K150, 000.00

The commotion alerted neighbours. They eventually woke up and apprehend one suspect, who was beaten to death by the community.

On the same night, another suspect, Alex Edson, was nabbed by security guards in a sugarcane plantation where he was hiding.

The security officers handed Edson over to the police at Chikwawa Station. He has since been charged with burglary and theft.

Edson and his accomplices are reported to have traveled from Blantyre to Chikwawa to commit the crime.





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