Over-dependence on Water has affected power generation: Chiwaya.

AS MALAWI continues to experience intermittent power blackouts, the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi, ESCOM, is blaming government for the problem.

ESCOM Chief Executive Officer, Alexon Chiwaya, told the media that government has for a long time depended on water as the main source of generating electricity in the country.

This, according to ESCOM, is what has led to the frequent blackouts since the water levels have been decreasing every year making it difficult to generate enough power.

In 2016, ESCOM supplied about 177 Megawatts and it was load shedding customers for 13 hours a day.

The situation, however, got worse in 2017, when the power available for distribution went to as low as 160 Megawatts and customers were load shed for an average of 24 hours for four days in a week.

ESCOM has since attributed their failure to supply enough power to Malawians to government’s failure to implement energy mix initiatives like gas, coal and wind.

The claim by ESCOM is, however, contrary to the power situation schedule from 1955 to 2018 which shows that Malawi’s gas turbine worth 15 megawatts was commissioned at Chichiri in 1971 but has been left unattended to.


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