The vandalised offices

THERE was commotion in Mulanje on Thursday evening after Mulanje Mountain Forestry patrol guard reportedly shot dead a charcoal burner in the forest.

It is alleged that the charcoal burner was among several others who were chasing the guards by throwing stones at them.

In defense, one of the patrolmen fired a stray bullet that hit the victim who died.

Eye witnesses say angry community members from three villages carried the dead body to the forestry offices where they started breaking window panes, computers and other items.

They were armed with pangas, stones, sticks and other weapons.

“I was there when this happened, it was a sorry sight. The whole office was vandalised and ransacked within a space of minutes. Thanks to God we escaped unhurt,” lamented one of the eye witnesses.

Meanwhile police have told The Express that they are ‘on the ground’ to trace and make sure they arrest the culprits, and have asked for patience while waiting for postmortem results.

“Whatever we have now is just rumors because the one who is alleged to have been shot is dead.

There is no one to give us correct information hence my request, if possible, let us wait for postmortem results” explained Mulanje Police Spokesperson, Sergeant Graciam Ngwira.

Incidences of community members destroying government infrastructures have increased in the past years with police stations being part of the targets.


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