Benjamin: The man stabbed his wife

A 46-year-old man in Chikwawa has committed suicide in an ‘apparent’ move to escape justice after reportedly seriously stabbing his ex-wife.

Police say John Singano was found dead and in a decomposed state on Friday morning in a bush at Nsaliva Village under Senior Chief Chapananga in the district.

“He is believed to have hanged himself on Tuesday, hours after stabbing his former wife, Villa Chaima,” said Chikwawa Police spokesperson, Foster Benjamin.

Few days prior to the incident, the two who have been married for years, separated following family disagreements.

Singano, however, had been envious and in one incident uprooted crops in Chaima’s field.

On Tuesday this week, the ex-husband pounced on Chaima who was on her way to the garden; she fled into a nearby house where he followed her.

He then stabbed her repeatedly on both shoulders and on the arm, leaving her unconscious.

She was taken to Chikwawa District Hospital where she has been receiving treatment.

Benjamin said after committing the alleged crime, the deceased fled the scene.

Since then he has never been seen until Friday morning when he was discovered dead and hanging from a tree in Nsaliva Village.


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