Lilongwe-based beat maker

BEAT-MAKING is gradually rising on the Malawian music industry to support the ever-rising number of young artists blossoming almost every day.

It is not every day that you see a 20-year old lad coming up with an enthusiasm to produce and eventually release full beat tape.

Victor Odilo, a Computer Science student at DMI St. John the Baptist University, has proved otherwise with his zeal for music.

He believes it is high time Malawian music dwelt much on its own brand.

Many upcoming artists have embraced a culture of using international beats in their songs, many of whom even do so without considering legal bounds attached to the beats.

Sir Odilo, as he is fondly known, believes he is one of those who are geared to change that mindset and pave way for Malawians to use their own produce.

The 7 track-beat tape is for free to be used by everyone so long as people will use clean content and he will not condone those who are geared to corrupt his work with negative messages.

Odilo, who grew up in a musical family having both parents dipped in music, is also a singer who aspires to grow more in the coming years.

The beat maker keenly aspires to work with Lawi on the singing part and attributes DJ Sley and KBG on the production side.

He has thus far managed to work with different booming gospel artists including, Mizu Boys, DJ Mpho, Ultra, Maclem and Blessed B.

Odilo is one of the rising stars of Malawi and one of the first to come out with beat tape.

Most of the beat makers in Malawi only make beats when they have been asked to do so.

Hence to have one coming out with a tape with nothing but beats is a step forward for the entertainment industry.





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