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AUTHORITIES in Malawi have maintained the retail prices of fuel for a sixth month running as the country continues to show significant signs of a stable economy after years of fragility.

The development gives the consumer more hope as it will ensure the stability of the prices of goods and services in a country which relies on exports.

A statement by Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority, MERA says the prices of petrol, diesel, paraffin, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG and jet A-1 have been maintained.

This follows a routine review meeting which the national energy regulator held on 8 June.

Before making the announcement the regulator considered trends in the world fuel prices and changes in macroeconomic fundamentals on the Malawian market.

MERA also took into consideration the slight appreciation of the Malawi Kwacha against the South African Rand.

As a result, the price of Petrol remains K824.70, Diesel is at K815.80 and Paraffin will continue to be sold at K648.70 per litre.

Likewise the retail price of LPG remains K2, 227.34 per kilogram.

In the same vein, MERA has also maintained the price of jet fuel per litre.

Chaired by church minister Joseph Bvumbwe, the board of MERA declares that the airfield price of Jet A-1 be maintained at K737.67 andK687.08 at the international airports of Kamuzu and Chileka respectively.






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