Sir Patricks: More hits after Nsambi

SIR PATRICKS has continued to awe his fans with a new track released on June 12 called “Nsambi’ after being silent for some time.

Sir Patricks, real name Patrick Mambulu, has won hearts of the young generation with his voice and the messages he communicates through his composition.

In his new track, Patrick narrates of a love affair between a poor young man who is a farmer and a rich girl.

The man challenges all odds in proving to the girl that he is there for her despite negative forces from bad wishers.

The video, shot by VJ Ken of Hotshots, clearly explains the romantic story with great shots portrayed in it.

The song has a traditional beat which is well complimented with the singer’s voice.

Sir Patrick promises more tracks to his fans.

He attributes his silence as one way of giving his fans a chance to listen to the previous songs before dropping new tracks.

Patrick pays homage to Skeffa Chimoto as his favorite artist and Pon G as the best music Producer.

Some of his tracks that enjoy airtime of most radio stations and liked by many youth include Sindingalore, Odziwa Pontobwanya and Ndife Ana Anu.

Patrick was once a member of Trap Squad which he detached himself from a few years back.




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