Cozizwa and 2kay: Releasing a mixtape

BEING an artist encompasses more than just riding on a beat and throwing jabs of hardcore lyrical content but it also involves creativity that can entice a person to grasp the song and put it on replay.


Malawian artists have, for some time now, strived to achieve that with others draining along the way and others going the distance.

Two young gospel artists in Lilongwe are striving their level best to attain that level where people would not just see them as artists, but they would be viewed as mind-changers.

Miracle Ndonani, commonly known as Cozizwa on the music scene, teamed up with his longtime friend 2Kay to release their project called ‘Zozizwa’ Tape.

This mixtape is a compilation of urban songs blended with a traditional touch that will complete a perfect degree of music.

Listening to songs embedded in the project, one would appreciate the fusion of hip-hop blended with local sounds and instrumentation.

The duo released ‘Zikili’ a jam that has enjoyed airplay.

On 25th June,2018, they are geared to release their 14-track project that has songs like Ulemelero, No go zone, Amandidziwa and Batcha just to mention a few.

The songs which have been recorded at 1Take studios, were written by Cozizwa himself, his collaborator, 2kay and Marcus.

Low Budget Records and Ozone studios have also played a part in the mixtape’s emergence.

The mixtape features 8 artists; KBG, Black Flame, Ndondwa, D Rain, Kings Daughter and DJ Mpho, Blessed B and Saxxes

To boost the mixtape, the duo planned a tour but upon being invited to accompany Faith Mussa and Khetwayo’s Mdidi Tour they have put the tour on hold.

“We have thought of releasing a mixtape and not an album because we want the people to know us first then we settle”, Cozizwa says.

After the release of the mixtape, the two are set to shoot a video to complement their work.

The project, which they started working on it two years ago will be free for downloads.



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