Ultra on stage

 NOWADAYS some youth are engaging in immoralities such as drinking and smoking  instead of becoming innovative and contributing to Malawi’s social economic development.

The perception is different with a young gospel hip-hop artist from Lilongwe who is believing in transforming life using his capabilities.

Popularly knowns as Ultra and real name Elijah Kamanga, who is his early 20’s, has proved it is possible for our youth to create a better world from talents such as music.

Apart from music, the blossoming artist owns a media company called GOVO which is an acronym for God’s Very Own.

His media company specializes in cinematography and photography.

Ultra, is also a part time cinematographer, photographer, television editor and a presenter for Channel for All Nations, CAN TV.

It is justifiable to say that the artist is a master of many tricks as he adds dancing and singing to his accolade in Church Boys, a group of multitalented young boys based in Lilongwe.

“I started writing music when I was 11 years but more interest grew in 2014 after I got saved in 2013”, he hints.

Inspired by artists like Andy Mineo, Lecrae and S.O. just to mention a few, Ultra gained maturity when he released songs like Ndigwireni Dzanja after releasing a solo Extended Play, EP, titled It All Comes to This.

As opposed to the myth that many young minds do not consider music as a thing to value, Ultra is determined on changing that attitude by investing his energy in music as he has made it his career.

Elijah finds solace in a Guitar and he says he is learning to strum the instrument to improve his skills which may stand beneficial to his career.

On new projects, Ultra tells Express he is due to release his single titled fill me up.

“The song talks about holy spirit departing from a lost soul because of sin now he is crying asking God to fill me again with the spirit in accordance with Acts 4:29-31”, Ultra says.

The song’s audio was produced by Jovich and Good Habit whereas the video was shot by Bonnex with Ultra himself directing and editing the song.

Elijah Kamanga was born on 29 September 1997 in Lilongwe.




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