Carlsberg Breweries ended its 49-year investment in Malawi

CASTEL Group is conducting a promotion in celebration of 50 years of Carlsberg beer in Malawi.

The French beverage company will run the promotion for three months. Customers have until 21 August to enter the promotion dubbed “50 Years of Fun.”

A grand prize of K1 million will be given to one lucky winner at the end of each monthly draw. The promotion also has a consolation prize of K250, 000 to one monthly winner and K50, 000 to 50 people.

Other consolation prizes include a house party for 10 people, happy hour for four people, beer vouchers, VIP and ordinary tickets to this year’s Carlsberg Cup final and cooler bags.

The first method of entry is checking an instant prize under a crown. Prizes in this category can be redeemed at Carlsberg depots in the cities of Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre.

Customers also can collect crown corks with the letters C.AR.L.S.B.E.R.G. Entries in the category stand a chance of winning a jackpot of K1 million.

The other method is by texting a unique code found under the crown to 54040 for customers on Airtel and 4040 for TNM subscribers.

This category features monthly draws.

Two years ago, Carlsberg Breweries ended its 49-year investment Malawi following the sale of 59.48 percent stakes in Carlsberg Malawi.

The shares were acquired by Castel Group.

Established in Bordeaux France in 1949, Castel is an internationally recognised name, backed by a range of acclaimed brands and charteux and with an established presence in over 130 countries across the globe.

Castel is the largest wine producer in Europe, number two for beers and soft drinks in Africa after SABMiller and number three for wines worldwide after Constellation Brands and Gallo.


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