Some of the cars that have been branded with Chilima face.

THE CHILIMA Movement continues to take shape as some followers of the movement are now sharing speculations that the Vice President, Saulosi Chilima, will again address the public next month to reveal his political decision.

Apart from messages circulating in several ‘Chilima Movement’ Whatsapp groups, one of the movement’s champions, parliamentarian Allan Ngumuya has also told the media that Chilima will speak on unspecified date next month.

The reports are emerging barely three weeks after Chilima announced his decision to leave the governing Democratic Progressive Party, DPP, but he said he would announce his next political move in the future on unspecified date.

The veep said he may decide to contest as an independent candidate in the 2019 presidential elections or support another party.

His office’s spokesperson, Pirirani Phiri, has, however not confirmed or denied the speculations.

Calls for him to compete in the elections are receiving support with thousands of individuals pledging their loyalty to him.

Recently, there have been cars and buildings being labeled with Chilima face accompanied by the word ‘Transformation Movement’.


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