The campaign attracted multitudes ahead of the election today

POLYTECHNIC goes to the polls this afternoon at the college campus in Blantyre after a heated campaign for positions in the students union.

Throughout the week contestants went all out campaigning and presenting their manifestos to voters.

The campaign period also provided an opportunity to some students, who received gifts and presents from candidates.

Many students enjoyed free rides, received T-shirts and ate free food as contestants desperately made every attempt to garner support.

The campaign for the position of Entertainment Director was the most intense.

The battle between Garry Samati and Boston turned wild as the rivals spent a lot of money to invite well-known and upcoming artists campaigned for each one of them by staging free live gigs at the college.

On Wednesday, Gary organised a free live gig in a desperate attempt to woe supporters. The show was, to many people’s surprise, headlined by rapper, Tay Grin.

This campaign gimmick left many students astonished. Others said by inviting Tay Grin he demonstrated his commitment towards the position.

Boston on the other hand, kept his portion of surprise for Thursday.

Performing at a place well known by the students as Tijede, Boston revealed his surprise in the afternoon.

He dazed his followers with live performances by BlackJak, Hyphen, Phyzix, Shammah Vocals and Miracle Chinga.

The performances by the trending acts proved a success and significantly reduced the excitement that Boston’s campaign raised with Tay Grin.

His success, however, was short lived as Gary prepared yet another surprise for his supporters.

He organised a gospel music show on the eve of the elections to woe Christian supporters.

Gary invited Ethel Kamwendo-Banda, Saxxess, Mighty POV, MPJ, Robertson and Grena.

Later, each camp of the campaign provided organised an open party where free food and was offered to patrons.

The Campaign ended yesterday at 12 midnight. The electorate went to bed looking forward to casting their votes today.

As is the custom, results are to be announced in the early hours of tomorrow.


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