Tay Grin performance inspires many youth, photo by UN

EVERGREEN rapper, Tay Grin on Friday motivated unestablished performers who shared the stage with him during Saturday’s free gig at Kamuzu Upper stadium in Blantyre.

His interaction with the blossoming actswas held at Jacaranda Cultural Centre.

He offered tips to a selected group of 30 performers who a day later debuted their stage performance in front on a huge crowd.

Accompanied by his close ally and producer Sonyezo and renowned event organiser Yolanda, Tay Grinadvised the youthful performers on how best they can give their best.

The singer-songwriter told the artists that to cherish the moment once they get on stage because their performance has the potential to take them to greater heights.

He also encouraged the youth to link their talent with education which, in his opinion, blends extremely well with artistic talent.

Stressing his point, Tay Grin said art is 90 percent business and 10 percent talent.

He spoke on how the up and coming stars can brand their art as a way of guardingdistinctiveness.

The musician said he sings most of his music in vernacular as a way of branding his act on the international market.

He added that his intention is for non-Malawians to embrace Chewa in the same way they do with contemporary Nigerian music.

Sonyezo and Yolanda offered mechanisms on how the future celebrities can build their careers.

Sonyezo, who prefers to be referred to as a record producer amidst many of his talents as a singer-songwriter and video director, encouraged the performers to pursue their dreams beyond average.

After the pep talk, the budding artists had a chance of asking questions and interacting with the mentors.



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