An act of parliament gives MHC a mandate to construct dwelling houses

THE MALAWI Housing Corporation, MHC, is requesting tenants to settle their rental fees debts as soon as possible.

MHC says in a statement that failure to do so will lead to eviction.

The corporation is also requesting those that bought land and have not yet paid their ground rent, to honour their payment.

MHC warns that disregard will lead to repossession of the land for bleach of agreement.

A statement released by the corporation indicates that the Tenancy Agreement, clause 3(1), stipulates the need for tenants to pay up their rent arrears in time as failure to do so mandates the corporation to evict the occupants.

The Malawi Housing Corporation is a statutory body which was established in 1964 by an Act of Parliament mandated to put up buildings other than dwelling houses and also to dispose of any structure which it has either built or procured.



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