Still planning? Time is running out for Chilima to make his next move in this political game.

SO, where is Saulos Chilima and the so-called ‘Chilima Movement’ at? This is the question that the people of Malawi as well as politicians who have their eyes on the presidential and general elections are asking.

The people behind the Chilima Movement have still not yet spelt out whether they will be forming a political party.

Chilima himself has also not clearly spelt out whether he is the de-facto leader of the Chilima Movement.

What he has said so far, is that those behind the movement have the right to do what they are doing, but he has so far not publicly accepted or confirmed their assumption that he is their leader.

Some political observers are also of the opinion that Chilima and his supporters could borrow a leaf from France where supporters of the new and also youthful French President, Emmanuel Macron was propelled into office through the vehicle of ‘En Marche’ or ‘The Movement’ as it is known in that country.

The question that many are asking however, does the Chilima Movement have the resources, the finance and the time to organise and galvanise enough potential voters to get him into office as Malawi’s new president?

What cannot be disputed in this country is that the votes that propel any president or political party into office always come from the majority of people who are youth and who live mainly in the rural areas.

Chilima, as we have said before, needs to break his silence on this matter. He cannot keep borrowing prophetic phrases and expect Malawians to decipher them.

Time is running out, he needs to stop preaching change and declare firmly whether he will contest as president in 2019.

Both the Chilima Movement and Saulos Chilima himself, now have only 10 months to go before the all-important elections.

Have they registered the movement in requirement with the country’s laws? Will there be enough time for Chilima to register himself as a presidential candidate and Head of The Movement?

These are some of the so many questions that need to be answered. Everyone who is involved in the Chilima Movement also needs to be reminded that we are now in a democracy.

They owe it to us, especially the youth who will be voting for the first time, to provide answers to these questions.

The youth alongside any other potential voters need to hear what various candidates and political parties are saying about their manifestos, whether they will give them jobs and a better life in Malawi.

This will help them make their minds from what they read and hear in the media on who to vote for in the 2019 polls.


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