Black Missionaries ready to launch Kuimba 11

MUSIC fans should lookout for a  live gig planned in heaven during the official launch of the 11th edition of the ‘Kuimba’ sequel by Black Missionaries band, organisers say.

The first of the three legged event is set for 29 June at Robin’s park in the commercial capital, Blantyre.

Friday’s show will be supported by the Great Angels, a Christian choir based in Lilongwe.

Season lawyer, Jai Banda is the founder and director of Entertainer Promotions, the entertainment firm that is marketing the Black Missionaries’ Kuimba 11.

He says the Great Angels performance is geared to impart a huge heavenly blessing on the event.

Dan Lu and Skeffa Chimoto will also open the live gig together with Anthony Makondetsa.

On the next day, the Black Missionaries will take the album launch to Lilongwe golf club in the capital city, Lilongwe.

Banda says Entertainers Promotions will erect the biggest stage people in Malawi have ever seen.

He adds that the show will feature a red carpet entrance.

Veteran performer, Lucius Banda and his Zembani band will replace the Great Angels on the list of opening acts.

After Lilongwe, the Black Missionaries to take the official launch of Kuimba 11 to the city of Mzuzu.


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