Sex workers and NGOs report harassment and abuse from the police.

THE MALAWI police service is on a manhunt for killers suspected of gruesomely murdering a commercial sex worker in the southern region district of Mulanje.

A police spokesperson in the district, Gresham Ngwira, says Doreen Likaka, was reported missing last Thursday.

Her dead body was found on Monday in a sugar cane field by some people at Gulumba village in Mulanje.

Police found that her underwear was torn and eyes removed.

A Postmortem conducted at the district’s central hospital revealed that Likaka died of internal bleeding.

She hailed from Mangani, Senior Chief Chikumbu in the district.

Sex workers and NGOs report harassment and abuse from the police, including violence, theft and forced sex.

They also report that police take no action if abuse or violence by clients is reported to them by sex workers

Like other Sub-Saharan Africa countries, HIV is a major problem in Malawi. In 2016 the adult prevalence rate was 9.2 percent.

Sex workers were a high risk group with a 24.9 percent prevalence rate in 2016.The reluctance of clients to use condoms, and lack of access to health services for sex workers are contributory causes.

Clients may offer up to 4 times the usual rate for sex without a condom. Condoms are also in short supply in some areas of the country.


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