IN A world of Photography where having an HD Camera can make you popular more especially among girls, some have made it more of a professional career and not just a hobby.

Jameson Makande (JM) of The Express caught up with Joseph Chirambo (JC) who is making strides in Photography. Excerpts:

JM: Tell us more about yourself?

JC: My name is Joseph Chirambo and I reside in Chilobwe. I was born in 1990 at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.  I am a Creative Director at JCK Media.

JM: Share more about JCK Media.

JC: JCK media is a media company that deals with photography and Videography for corporate events and functions. We also do graphics designing and motion graphics.

JM: When did JCK came into existence?

JC: The Company was established in 2017 in December.

JM: What are your plans in five years?

JC: Our prospective plan in five years is to have a strong media brand that will also have a teaching institution for photography and graphic designing and also filming across the continent.

JM: What is your location?

JC: We are based in Blantyre and our offices are in Limbe in Shire Limited building, room five.

JM: What is your professional experience?

JC: I had stint with Distinct Works Media Company for 2years as a photographer and Videographer.

JM: To those aspiring to do Photography, what advice can you give?

JC: Photography is a good business and profession. The only important thing you have to do is put in more effort and have passion and just like any other field. It demands for creative minds and patience.

JM: How can you describe the industry in Malawi?

JC: The sector is progressing well and at a very fast speed. I can say that Photography is one of the good paying jobs in the country.

JM: Who is your role model in Photography both locally and internationally?

JC: I have a lot of role models locally but internationally my role model is Lexonart, he is a Jamaican photographer.

JM: Who is that one person/group that you have worked with whom you really enjoyed?                                                                                     

JC: One person that I have enjoyed working with is Huggins Kayira. We worked together for two years at Distinct Works as photographers.

JM: What is your favourite dish?

JC: I enjoy Nsima with Chambo.


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