Botoman has also been implicated in the report.

THE ANTI-Corruption Bureau, ACB, is denying that it has released a report which is incriminating President Peter Mutharika in a fraudulent contract between the police and a supplier of food items.

A spokesperson has told The Express that the ACB is not aware of the report that has gone viral on social media.

The report,which bears the emblem of the Malawi government, alleges that President Mutharika benefitted K145, 000,000 from a fraud scheme by Pioneer Investment through a bank account of the governing DPP held at Standard Bank.

The president is allegedly the sole signatory to the party’s account.

It, however, recommends that Mutharika should not be prosecuted in accordance with the constitution of Malawi which provides a sitting president immunity from trial.

The report also implicates the commissioner of police Innocent Botoman. According to the report the senior police officer should be tried for abuse of office.

Zameer Karim, the proprietor of Pioneer Investment has also been mentioned in the report for allegedly attempting to defraud government money amounting to more than K560 million.


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