Sobo brand is a household name in Malawi.

CONSUMERS are extremely angry at CASTEL Malawi following its recall of SOBO Peach Squash as the beverage contains Tartrazine, a colourant banned by the country’s standardisation agency.

The French brewer is asking consumers in the country to immediately return the non-alcoholic product to its depots and factory site.

The development comes as consumers continue complaining of low quality products since Castel Group bought shares in Carlsberg Malawi.

Consumers have reacted angrily to the recall.

They are also questioning the credibility of the Malawi Bureau of Standards, the national standardisation body mandated to certify consumer products before they are sold on the market.

Health experts say the mixture of Tartrazine in the household SOBO product poses a danger to human health.

This contradicts with the assurance made by Castel Malawi in statement that the colouring agent does not pose any threat to human life.

Tartrazine has been banned in several countries including Norway and Australia.

Research has shown that if consumed the chemical can cause lethal asthma attacks and nettal rash, DNA damage and tumours of the thyroid among many other health effects.



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