The projects seeks to ensure social accountability in Malawi’s public health sector

IN AN attempt to provide improved health service delivery, the government of Malawi and the Ombudsman are collaborating to ensure social accountability in the sector.

The program aims at ensuring the provision of quality services in all health facilities in line with existing democratic principles.

It also seeks to provide civic awareness platform for hospital users and other relevant stakeholders on their health related rights.

Feedback highlighting areas requiring intervention and improvement will be provided to relevant authorities including the Ministry of Health, district councils through the nationwide project.

Members of staff employed to execute the program are already being trained at each and every health facility in the country, this according to government officials.

Currently a total of 49 health facility Ombudsman have been fully trained with financial assistance from the World Bank and GIZ through the Ministry of Health.

An event marking the official launch of the program under the theme ‘Promoting Quality Service Delivery in Malawi’ will take place this Saturday at Kabudula community hospital in the capital, Lilongwe.



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