MADE on Monday is a radio show that continues to capture the hearts of many young people in the Malawi.

Its ratings are soaring. The three-hour live show now boasts of over two million domestic listeners and the numbers keep rising.

Our Arts and Entertainment reporter, Jameson Makande (JM) caught up with the man that women crash on every Monday,Joy Nathu (JN) the MCwho made ‘Made on Monday’, MoM.

JM:Who is Joy Nathu?

JN: Joy Nathu is a Malawian radio personality who loves music and promoting arts and has been doing it for 13 years.

JM:What is MoM all about?

JN: Made on Monday is a radio program that airs every Monday on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Radio 2 from 9pm to 12 midnight.

The program centers on exposing new talentin Malawi’s urban music.

It combines the both the conventional and social media. This makes the show interactive.

JM: Who pioneered MoM?

JN: It is the continued support from my fans that led to the existence of the show.

JM: Explain the journey of MoM since its introduction?

JN: It has been generally great but most importantly, it has been progressive.

We are still gaining experience on how best we can provide Malawi with a platform that gives the listener the best as we continue promoting new artists and music.

JM: How has MoM grown thus far?

JN: I would say it is still growing but in terms of the target audience we are happy with the numbers.

JM: What are some of the challenges you have encountered?

The core challenge we face is centered on the fact that Malawi is blessed with so much talent that it becomes hard to extract the best out of the best.

JM: What are your ambitions in five years’ time?

JN: I have numerous aspirations. Nonetheless, my key ambition is to continue seeing the growth of urban music in the country. We want to see our artists eventually earning something from their art.

JM: What is one thing you would want to change about MoM that exists now?

JN: Well, we would want to encourage more female artists to send their songs to the program. Few ladies take the initiative of sending their songs and we think there should be more of their music exposed to the world.

JM: What is MoM’s current listenership?

JN: Would love to get to the numbers but it would limit our reach, it’s safe to say the listenership is tremendous,nevertheless.

JM: Who is Joy Nathu outside MoM?

JN: I’m a father. A football fanatic. I am a Chelsea fan.

JM: How do you handle criticism?

JN: Its part of life. There is no other way of handling criticism other than paying attention to it in case there is something to get from the reproach.

Disapproval comes in many forms, some of it comes in a positive way. But we pay attention to everything that people say about the program, we have to because it is the only way we grow.

JM: Who inspires you?

JN: South Africa’s DJ Sbu.

JM: What is your favourite food?

JN: Nsima with Chambo and Beans.


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