Mumbo Island, known to few.

BEING a landlocked country does not deny Malawi, a warm hearted nation of the beautification of nature that supersedes that of most countries on the world map.

Apart from having the Africa’s third largest lake, Lake Malawi, there are several heart-thrilling nature forms that even some local people have not yet experienced or learned about.

About 3 hours 40 minutes drive from commercial city Blantyre, one reaches one of the most patronized lakeshore destination, the Cape Maclear located in the east of Mangochi district.

Cape Maclear itself presents a view of fresh lake water filled with hundreds unique species of fish.

The place harbors a higher standard of accommodation and other vacation services that catch every visitor’s eye.

10 kilometers offshore from Cape Maclear, however, there exists Mumbo Island, a little jewel in the turquoise waters of Lake Malawi, yet few people know of its existence, even within Malawi.

According to Travel Malawi Guide, the island is about one square kilometer.

This is just one of the several beautiful sites that attract the interest of many people.

Hippos captured at Liwonde National Park. Photo by Tour Guide Malawi.

Lake Malawi, within which the island lies, covers almost the whole eastern part of the country.

Apart from Mumbo Island, there are two other popular islands, Likoma and Chizumulu.

The islands’ transportation service is served by a 67-year-old, yet strong motor ship, MV Ilala.

There are other ships and boats that aid the transportation of both humans and goods.

If one decides to shift attention from water and focus on land attractions, the warm hearted nation is not short of such physical attractions.

There are national parks that are habitants to several species of wild animals including lions, elephants and hippos.

Just about 60 kilometer to the east of Blantyre, there is Mulanje Mountain with over 3000 meters height.

There are several rear places within the mountain that no one can explain unless they physically visit them.

These are just few of the many natural wonders that Malawi; the warm heart of Africa inhabits.

As it stands, Malawi is a country that every individual would enjoy and appreciate the power of nature that exists within its peaceful borders.

It is a country made of magic nature.

The beautiful Mulanje Mountain.


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