MUST has an opportunity of partnering with institutions within its vicinity

INSTITUTIONS of higher education in Malawi are being been advised to form alliances to ensure their growth.

The call comes from the Vice Chancellor of the University of Malawi, John Saka.

He emphasizes that it is worrisome to note that some universities share the same ecosystems but are failing to share academic expatriates.

Saka gives an example of universities in the world that form associations with neighboring universities.

The academician wonders why institutions of high learning in Malawi do not want to work as a team.

He suggests to the academic institutions to form coalitions if they want to progress.

Saka asks institutions that are in the vicinity of Blantyre like MUST, Poly, BIU, CoM, Cunima, to strongly consider partnering for academic purposes

Malawi is currently holding its first ever higher education conference.

It has attracted almost all local higher education providers and others outside the country.

Among other local universities that are attending the conference include University of Malawi, Catholic University, Malawi Assemblies of God University and Malawi Adventist University.



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